About Us

Lori passed away at the age of 34.  She is survived by her husband (Mark) and three children (6,4,2 at the time of her death).  She was diagnosed with metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) when she was 32 (BRCA1 +). Since the day of her diagnosis, our family has been through so much together! We have resolved to live life without fear!

About This Ideal Life

We titled the site This Ideal Life because Lori wanted to emphasize that although her circumstances were anything but ideal by any reasonable person’s standard, she was satisfied and content to be living within God’s plan. Lori always claimed that if He wanted her to endure this disease as a part of His plan, then she wouldn’t have the cancer cured even if she could. She believed that God desires to heal!

“He didn’t give me cancer, but He allowed it for reasons I may never know. I just know that I’ve experienced his faithfulness enough in my life (even now!) to know that I can trust him in everything. Whatever happens to me whether death or healing, I will praise him!”

She wanted this site to serve as a place for others to understand what it’s like to experience breast cancer, so the writing and topics are very transparent. She also intended to share her personal devotionals as a way of hopefully providing some encouragement to others.

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