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The purpose of this section is to simply share our experience from early detection of a breast tumor all the way through the multiple layers of care to include finding and choosing an oncologist, seeking multiple opinions, scheduling life, dealing with insurance, planning for the future, and much more!  We’d like this to be open dialog so if any readers have specific questions, PLEASE ASK THEM!!

When this happened to us, we were clueless about how to proceed, and the reality of living with cancer is different than I had previously imagined based on my limited knowledge gained mostly from movies and distant relatives who had cancer.  I don’t know if this will serve as an encouragement or as discouragement for you if you are a reader who was recently diagnosed, but knowledge is power and the more you know, the calmer I believe you will be.  Each person’s experience is unique…this was mine.

Each entry will allow open discussion through a comment section.  Please feel free to tell about your experience or to give your own advice.  Again, I’m not trying to tell you the right way to handle a cancer diagnosis.  This is simply my experience.


  1. So sorry mom and dad.

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