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We had a sweet time at Lori’s memorial ceremony.  During the visitation hours, many people shared some great stories with me about Lori impacting their life.  Others shared in front of those gathered at the memorial service.  Others still shared with me over fb and by email some very encouraging, impactful stories.  Three different women approached me with a desire to collect everyone’s stories to compile them into a legacy book.  I love the idea, and it would be great to have those for my kids and the rest of the family.  Below is a write-up that one of those women wrote for me and asked to have it posted on ThisIdealLife.  Please read and reply to her if you have a story and are willing to take the time to write it up!!  Faith stories or funny stories.  Any/all would be great!  Thanks again for all of the support.

From Ashley:

Lori’s life has impacted so many people on so many levels. We heard many stories from family and friends at her memorial service. I know there are many more of us who want to share what Lori meant to us. Marybeth Young and I (Ashley Crew) want to put together a book of YOUR STORIES ABOUT LORI to share with Mark and the kids.

We are looking for any words you have on how you or others have been impacted or inspired by Lori and her incredible faith in and friendship with Jesus Christ.

You can make it as short or long as you would like. It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct… It’s your story so put it any way you want. If you feel that your story is too personal please state at the top of the email “Anonymous” as we may make this available for everyone with Mark’s approval.

Please pass this on to anyone who has been affected by Lori’s journey through you or the sites.

You can email YOUR story to: thisideallife4him@gmail.com

We will begin compiling the stories in approximately 2 weeks… please have stories to us by March 1st.

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  1. John & Paulette Colson

    February 17, 2016 at 7:40 AM

    Beautiful idea, thank you for the opportunity to share. I will pin down her Uncle John that has known her since her birth and see what his fondest memories are. Love and blessings to the family. Uncle John and Aunt Paulette

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