The past few months have been awesome. We took a vacation to San Blas, FL and before that, Lori spent a week in D.C. touring with her dad. We just returned from IL where we spent a great Thanksgiving with Lori’s family in Springfield. That’s the man version of what you’ve missed for 3 months. Deal with it ladies.

Last month, Lori noticed a small bump forming on her skull about the size of a pimple. It didn’t hurt but it was strange and of course we thought it might be cancer-related. Recently, we noticed that it had grown in size. Also, she noticed two new nodules forming, one on each breast. Finally, her pain, particularly in her lower back, was increasing and waking her at times in the night. To us, those are all signs of disease progression, so I made an appointment to see Dr. Marinella in Dayton. We got in to see him that afternoon (last Tuesday).

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