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Springfield, IL Memorial Planned & Lori Memory Video

Plans have been set for a Springfield, IL memorial, to be held on March 5th at West Side Christian Church (2850 Cider Mill Lane, Springfield, IL 62702).

Similar to the Dayton, OH memorial, visitation will be held from 2-4 PM and the memorial service held from 4-6 PM. There was a time of sharing short memories and stories of Lori during the memorial service. It was a sweet time where all were blessed to hear how Lori impacted lives. If you have a similar story, it would be great if you could bring it ready to share.

For those traveling, the below hotels do offer bereavement rates. When calling to book, mention you will be traveling for a funeral and request the bereavement rate. There are many hotels on the east side of Springfield, however the church is located on the northwest side of Springfield. The listed hotels are located on the west side:

Quality Inn & Suites
3442 Freedom Dr, Springfield, IL 62704
(217) 787-2250
Bereavement rate: $71 + tax

Hampton Inn & Suites
2300 Chuckwagon Dr, Springfield, IL 62711
(217) 793-7670
Bereavement rate: $99 + tax

A family member (Jonny Walls) created a video of Lori that was shown at the Dayton memorial service. It’s uploaded to YouTube and can be found here (

Updated Plans

There are a few slight changes for Saturday.

The visitation will be held from 2-4 PM and the memorial from 4-6 PM. There will be no childcare provided.

Flowers can be sent to Fairhaven Church. Please make sure you specify they’re for Lori Jones.
Fairhaven Church
637 E Whipp Road
Centerville OH 45459

There will be an opportunity to donate to the Karen Wellington Foundation. You’ll recall that Karen Wellington Foundation gave us vacation to Cape San Blas, FL in September and have been incredible. There are a couple of options on how to donate:

  1.  Check made out to The Karen Wellington Foundation with Lori Jones in the memo
    Mail it to:
    The Karen Wellington Foundation
    c/o Jaimie Christian
    7845 Claude Ave
    Dayton, OH 45414
  2.  Online donation
    Visit this page
    You can donate in memory of Lori by selecting the “Dedicate my donation in honor or in memory of someone” checkbox above the “Your Information” heading.

Dayton folk, we’re also looking for a place in Dayton to have a gathering after the memorial. If you have any ideas as to where we might be able to host a simple large gathering (100-150 people), send a note to Lori’s sister-in-law Louise at

Lori’s Library

As Andy Dufresne got his library so WE GOT OUR MEDICINE!

This is Lori writing this update! I got a call last night (Thursday) from the pharmacy providing the Olaparib, and she said insurance approved the drug! It is being shipped directly to our house and will arrive Monday!

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New Treatment Option

The past few months have been awesome. We took a vacation to San Blas, FL and before that, Lori spent a week in D.C. touring with her dad. We just returned from IL where we spent a great Thanksgiving with Lori’s family in Springfield. That’s the man version of what you’ve missed for 3 months. Deal with it ladies.

Last month, Lori noticed a small bump forming on her skull about the size of a pimple. It didn’t hurt but it was strange and of course we thought it might be cancer-related. Recently, we noticed that it had grown in size. Also, she noticed two new nodules forming, one on each breast. Finally, her pain, particularly in her lower back, was increasing and waking her at times in the night. To us, those are all signs of disease progression, so I made an appointment to see Dr. Marinella in Dayton. We got in to see him that afternoon (last Tuesday).

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New Scans

I haven’t needed to update these care pages in nearly two months, and we’re happy about that! “No news is good news” still holds true. Yesterday, Lori had a brain MRI and body CT scans accomplished. The MRI results haven’t been read yet, but the CT scans came back showing improvement everywhere. Her liver is clearing up, and her chest is totally clear. The bones haven’t shown any progression of disease either. We expect to hear that her brain is clear as well! From the outside, her breast tumor is very small now. I don’t typically prefer small breasts but I have to admit I’m loving her new size. Wink.

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PET Scan Results

I forgot to post about the PET scan results from last week. We met with Dr. M, and there weren’t any surprises either positively or negatively. The problem is that we don’t have any previous PETs to compare this one to, so this is a new baseline.

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Karen Wellington Foundation

A couple of months ago, one of our awesome neighbors nominated Lori for a trip sponsored through the Karen Wellington Foundation (KWF) for LIVING with breast cancer. Their motto is #FunNow and they gather funds/resources and organize all-expenses-paid vacations for women living with breast cancer and their families. Karen Wellington, the namesake, was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 30 and she passed away at age 40 in 2007. Apparently, she was even spunkier than Lori in life, and she had a dream of setting up a foundation like this.

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That’s More Like It

Last week, we had an appointment with Lori’s new oncologist at our local hospital, Dr. Marinella. He seemed very knowledgeable, and he knew Lori’s history well. His recommendation was to stay on the Cisplatin, but he also wanted her to visit a local radiation doc to look at her brain metastases again. That was great news to us because we had all but given up hope on her being well enough again to even consider getting that treatment. She has really been looking well lately, and Dr. M was actually surprised by her condition when he met her. He told us that he didn’t know what he would see at this initial appointment, but he expected much worse after reviewing her discharge papers from IU (she was in such bad shape). Oh, and he specifically remarked about how amazed he was that he had a patient who had been seen by so many popular oncologists.
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Doing Well

This past week, Lori has been doing well. Her pain is still a zero so I think we have that whooped for now. She is tired however, and this means she naps, and she can’t lift much weight. People scold her all the time about how she does too much, but she’s kind of annoyed by that and doesn’t listen anyhow. I almost never tell her to slow down anymore because I just prefer to let her live however she wants to live. Her mind is strong and has adjusted to the Oxy so she thinks clearly unless she’s very tired. These are good days for her though, and we never take these good days for granted!

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