As Andy Dufresne got his library so WE GOT OUR MEDICINE!

This is Lori writing this update! I got a call last night (Thursday) from the pharmacy providing the Olaparib, and she said insurance approved the drug! It is being shipped directly to our house and will arrive Monday!

Alas, this also means that the biopsy of my head bump came back positive, but we suspected as much. So, we are praising God for answered prayer. Thank you for praying with us! I have been feeling a little sore and stiff, but other than that, I feel pretty normal.

This weekend Mark and I are going to one of our favorite events in Wilmore, “Old Fashioned Christmas” on Main Street! We would love to see some of you Wilmorons who have been praying for us and sending love our way! We are looking forward to seeing many of ya’ll!