Month: June 2014

Recovery Going Well

I updated the previous post trying to let everyone know that the surgery went well, but I guess updates to posts don’t send out notifications. Anyhow, the surgery went well, and the pump is working properly. When we got home, Lori slept most of the afternoon and into the night. Then she was up for a while last night. I think she watched a Reds game to pass the time alone. Nice.
Today, she’s feeling good. The places where they cut are sore, but her back pain and leg pain is being managed nicely by the new pump. We’re convinced this will help her manage the pain.

Pain Pump Day

Update 2:30: She is all done and the doctor said the surgery went fine. She’ll be in recovery for a couple of hours then we’ll go home.
Lori and I are in Indy today. On Tuesday, she had another biopsy accomplished. Very little pain! She was happy for that because the last couple of biopsies had been very painful. However, when they drew her labs on Tuesday, the platelet count was 75k. The minimum required for the pain pump surgery is 100k. To boost the platelet count for today’s surgery, we got her scheduled for a platelet infusion at the cancer clinic. She is in an infusion chair now waiting for the platelets. Once she gets this infusion, we’ll drive a few blocks up the road to the Methodist Hospital for the pain pump surgery. Continue reading

Trial Drug

Today, Lori started a phase II trial drug called ENMD-2076. I like the name of that drug because it just seems so welcoming. You don’t feel like a lab rat or guinea pig when you are taking ENMD-2076. I mean, if they called it pain-eze or cur-all or ez-bliss, it just wouldn’t have the same warm and inviting appeal that ENMD-2076 provides. So that’s nice. Continue reading

Pain Pump and Clinical Trial

This is Lori posting for the first time. To begin, I am so thankful for all the responses that come in through this caring page. I try to read all of them or Mark reads them to me. You all are the most amazing support group one could ever ask for or even imagine. THANK YOU.
I have been feeling more pain in my bones, particularly in my lower back, hips and down my legs to my knees. Continue reading

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