Update 2:30: She is all done and the doctor said the surgery went fine. She’ll be in recovery for a couple of hours then we’ll go home.
Lori and I are in Indy today. On Tuesday, she had another biopsy accomplished. Very little pain! She was happy for that because the last couple of biopsies had been very painful. However, when they drew her labs on Tuesday, the platelet count was 75k. The minimum required for the pain pump surgery is 100k. To boost the platelet count for today’s surgery, we got her scheduled for a platelet infusion at the cancer clinic. She is in an infusion chair now waiting for the platelets. Once she gets this infusion, we’ll drive a few blocks up the road to the Methodist Hospital for the pain pump surgery.

Lori is also beginning a new meal plan. No more sugar! We’re trying to make meals from the cookbook “Cancer Fighting Kitchen”. It’s tough because finding the organic ingredients is challenging, and the meals are unique. I think the new diet will help her deal with her multiple side effects from the drugs such as nausea, fatigue, and sore mouth to name a few. The meals are also designed to help her immune system to fight the cancer instead of fighting unhealthy food. We’re both excited about the new menu; it feels good to be doing something proactive!

This Sunday, we are planning to drive with the kids to Springfield, IL to visit her family for a couple of days. We’ll be back in Indiana on Wednesday. If you are praying for Lori, her surgery should be happening a couple of hours from now just after noon. Also, the trial drug is giving her some harsher side effects compared to the chemo. We can’t tell whether or not it’s working against the cancer because it’s too early, but we’re pretty sure the tumor hasn’t shrunk yet. IN about a month, we should be able to tell whether or not the trial drug is helping.