Today, Lori started a phase II trial drug called ENMD-2076. I like the name of that drug because it just seems so welcoming. You don’t feel like a lab rat or guinea pig when you are taking ENMD-2076. I mean, if they called it pain-eze or cur-all or ez-bliss, it just wouldn’t have the same warm and inviting appeal that ENMD-2076 provides. So that’s nice.

Anyhow, this drug is designed to block a known cancer-feeding pathway common in TNBC patients. Hopefully, Lori’s body reacts well to this new treatment. Side effects may include fatigue and high blood pressure so pray she doesn’t suffer from either.

She couldn’t get scheduled last Thursday for the surgery to install her pain pump, so that will either happen this Thursday or next Thursday. Unfortunately, Thursdays are the only days of the week they do those surgeries. Her pain level still spikes to uncomfortable levels even through the morphine, so she’s really looking forward to getting the pump installed soon.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) Lori is heading to IL to spend about 10 days with her side of the family while I am in NC. I’ll be driving to NC early tomorrow morning to arrive tomorrow night. We’re expecting to both meet back in Lafayette sometime around 20-22 June if everything works out.

This past month, we’ve learned of the failures of the first (chemo) and second (genomics) lines of defense against cancer. Medically, we’re down to just a couple of decent options with trials and possibly genomics in the future. Spiritually however, we continue to thrive! More than ever, we feel a peace that God is in control and that Lori’s mind and soul are in a good place. He is the great healer, and Lori recently mentioned that she believes God can heal her and she will continue to believe until this is concluded!! We’ve had some very real prayer time with a local small community church, and we’ve visited with friends who share an eternal perspective on life. We feel encouraged and confident that all is well.

Thanks to everyone who suggested alternate treatment options! They all have a certain appeal, but unfortunately we can only try one at a time (sometimes two can be combined) and you have to keep at it for a couple of months to determine whether or not the method works. Our thought is that it just makes sense to stick with the most proven methods first then move on down the line of options. I suppose that eventually, if nothing works, we may find ourselves hanging upside down in Ireland kissing a stone! I don’t think the Blarney Stone is supposed to cure cancer though, so it’ll be somewhere near the bottom of the priority list. Seriously though, I really do appreciate many of you helping us research treatment options. It really helps to hear the options so we don’t feel that we are missing something.

God Bless!