Month: August 2014

Dr. Carey / Chemo Tomorrow

Last week, we met with Dr. Carey and we came away very impressed by her attitude and wealth of knowledge. She was very interested in all of Lori’s previous tests and seemed eager to further investigate the details of her cancer. She gave the same diagnosis overall, but she wants to investigate the possibility of Lori’s type of cancer as being a hormone-based cell. Continue reading

BRCA Results & Tumor Update

We got the results of Lori’s BRCA test back, and unfortunately she is positive for the BRCA 1 mutation. She was negative for the BRCA 2. There are various levels of mutation in these genes, but Lori’s is the kind that causes disease, and it is the cause of her cancer. While this is bad news because it affects the family so much, it’s oddly kind of nice to know this is the cause. Also, Lori is now eligible for PARP inhibitors which have shown great promise in clinical trials. Continue reading

Going Home / BRCA Test / Dr. S

We have been making plans to return to NC Aug 10. We’re going to try to live there again as a family in our house to resume a quasi-normal life. We have scheduled an appointment with an oncologist at UNC (Dr. Lisa Carey) to resume Lori’s treatment plan. Today, we met with Dr. S once more to get a final check-up before returning home, and when we mentioned we would be seeing Dr. Carey, he was extremely pleased. He raved about how good she is; “world-renowned” were his words, and he is certain Lori will be receiving excellent care from her. Continue reading

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