We got the results of Lori’s BRCA test back, and unfortunately she is positive for the BRCA 1 mutation. She was negative for the BRCA 2. There are various levels of mutation in these genes, but Lori’s is the kind that causes disease, and it is the cause of her cancer. While this is bad news because it affects the family so much, it’s oddly kind of nice to know this is the cause. Also, Lori is now eligible for PARP inhibitors which have shown great promise in clinical trials.

Fortunately, she may not have to seek those clinical trials just yet because her chemotherapy seems to be working! Last week, Lori thought she noticed that the tumor had shrunk, but she wasn’t sure. Since then however, we have definitely seen improvements. The skin nodules are nearly gone, and the lymph nodes which previously had marble-sized growths, have completely cleared. Most notably, the tumor only measures three inches across whereas last month, it was four and a quarter inches. It feels great to know she’s finally having a positive reaction to the treatment, and it’s nice to have the PARP inhibitors in the hip-pocket for later. She also has zero side-effects from the doxil!

On Wednesday, we have our first appointment with Dr Carey at UNC, so we’ll see what she thinks, but I assume Lori will continue to get Doxil chemo infusions.

The move back home has been great so far. The kids are happy (they are happy anywhere) and Lori is feeling very strong. She still naps almost daily, but she easily handles the day-to-day demands of motherhood. It helps that we have so much help of course. The spouse’s group provides meals every other day, and that frees up hours from each day for extra rest.