Month: September 2014

After Chemo

We met with Dr. Carey on Thursday afternoon, and the meeting went as expected. She’ll continue with the Doxil chemo, and next month we’ll get full body scans done again. All of Lori’s labs were good. Her liver is functioning normally, hemoglobin was only slightly low (anemic), and her platelets were 109k which is really high for Lori…which is a good thing. Everything else went along smoothly. The infusion floor was actually ready for her this time so we didn’t experience any lengthy delays. Continue reading

Carrying On

It has been another good month. Lori still doesn’t have any big side effects from the chemo. Tomorrow is another day of appointments and an infusion (likely) of Doxil chemo. We really don’t have a lot to update. The way I look at it, no news is good news. We’re not sure if the tumor has shrunk any more since last month, but we’re pretty sure it hasn’t grown. We’ll see what comes from tomorrow’s meeting with the Dr.

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