We met with Dr. Carey on Thursday afternoon, and the meeting went as expected. She’ll continue with the Doxil chemo, and next month we’ll get full body scans done again. All of Lori’s labs were good. Her liver is functioning normally, hemoglobin was only slightly low (anemic), and her platelets were 109k which is really high for Lori…which is a good thing. Everything else went along smoothly. The infusion floor was actually ready for her this time so we didn’t experience any lengthy delays. Usually Lori receives an Xgeva shot to help her bones heal from the lesions, but they held off this month because her calcium is a little bit too low, and the Xgeva sometimes makes that even worse. So, Lori is also supplementing with calcium pills every day. Next month, she’ll likely resume the Xgeva shots.
Once again, the kids stayed with friends of ours in the area which was a huge blessing as it freed us to go through the day care-free and relaxed. It still seems ironic to me, but we usually love chemo days for the quiet and calm that they bring for the two of us to just sit and talk without distractions.

Unrelated to the cancer or treatment, we think, is a stomach bug that Lori is struggling with right now. She has been vomiting for the past few days, but she’s getting better. JM and Jude had the same thing last week; it just may be taking Lori a while longer to recover due to a degraded immune system.

That’s it for now. The family is doing very well. We’re just going to lounge around the house this weekend. Please continue to pray for Lori’s complete healing!