Month: May 2014


We worked it out to delay the decision on whether to proceed with the trial drug vs the possible genome mapping drug match. The genome lab results should come in next Tuesday or Wednesday, and the medical board would probably meet next Friday to analyze the results and recommend a treatment drug (if they find a match at all). Continue reading

Scan Results

Unfortunately, the scans showed that Lori’s bone lesions have become larger and the tumor in her breast has grown a bit. So, Dr S has declared the Taxol chemo to be a failure, and he presented us with some new options as we look ahead. Continue reading

Scan Results Expected Monday

Lori went to Indy today and completed all of her scans. She had a CAT scan of her chest and abdomen as well as a full-body bone scan. The results won’t be ready for a couple of days, and we probably won’t hear about them until Monday morning when we visit with Dr. S again. We’re praying for good news (neutral development would be considered good news), and we’ll likely start the next round of chemo the same day. Continue reading

Ribs OK

Pathology couldn’t see any cracks or breaks on Lori’s ribs, so that is good news. Mostly, I’m just relieved that she doesn’t have ribs as frail as they seemed. It would be nice to know, however, what is causing her added pain (she can feel it through the morphine). The May 13 full bone scans and MRI may show us more. Continue reading

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