We worked it out to delay the decision on whether to proceed with the trial drug vs the possible genome mapping drug match. The genome lab results should come in next Tuesday or Wednesday, and the medical board would probably meet next Friday to analyze the results and recommend a treatment drug (if they find a match at all).

In the meantime, Lori signed up for the trial drug as a backup plan, but she is allowed to delay beginning that drug until we have all of the genome test results. We were concerned that we couldn’t wait until we first found out the results of the genome mapping, but it will work out after all. Next week, we’ll try to get Lori her prerequisites for the trial: brain MRI, blood tests, another biopsy, and a bunch of paperwork.

This way, next Friday we will hopefully have two solid options to choose from; trial drug vs genome mapping FDA-approved drug. If the genome tests result in no match, then it’s a no-brainer, and we’ll go with the trial drug. However, if the genome mapping comes up with a solid drug choice, we’ll likely choose that.

Also, Lori’s pain level has been increasing. She double her morphine doses, but the pain is still there. The nurse practitioner for Dr S is setting her up for an appointment at the IU Pain Clinic. She (the nurse) says they are very good and should help Lori manage everything just fine. There are apparently many options other than morphine to help, and this is very common.

More to follow when we get the test results!