Month: January 2015

The Goings On

Last Monday, we had another follow-up with Dr. S. We love Dr. S and are so happy to be back with him. He reviewed the bone and organ scans which were recently taken in Dayton, and thankfully he didn’t see anything that alarmed him any more than usual. Bone lesions are still there asa well as small traces in the liver but nothing too bad. Continue reading

Move to Ohio and Back to IU

We had a busy Christmas season and a great time with both Lori’s family and my family in IL and IN respectively. After Christmas, Lori and I both flew home to NC while the kids stayed at my parent’s house in IN. For the last few days of 2014, Lori finished up her ten radiation treatments at UNC, and we packed up the last of our house. On 31 Dec, we closed with our buyers for the NC home. Two days later, we closed on our new home in OH. I love the new house. Continue reading

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