We had a busy Christmas season and a great time with both Lori’s family and my family in IL and IN respectively. After Christmas, Lori and I both flew home to NC while the kids stayed at my parent’s house in IN. For the last few days of 2014, Lori finished up her ten radiation treatments at UNC, and we packed up the last of our house. On 31 Dec, we closed with our buyers for the NC home. Two days later, we closed on our new home in OH. I love the new house.

The kids are with us now here in the OH home, and we’re starting to get settled in although we don’t have most of our household goods. They are still in storage in NC until I officially receive orders for my move to Wright Patterson AFB. Until then, I’ll be in NC finishing up work at my sq and hopefully out-processing soon. I’ll be in OH on weekends and holidays and whenever I need to take leave to make it work.

Today, Lori and I drove to Indianapolis to meet again with Dr S. She’s resuming care at IU Simon Cancer Center, and we couldn’t be happier. It felt like a homecoming for both of us. The staff was all excited to see Lori again. While waiting to see Dr S, at least a dozen staff stopped by her room to welcome her back, and they all complimented her hair and her overall healthy appearance. We fell right back into the old routine, and it felt great. Dr S is starting Lori on a new chemo called Eribulin (he collaborated with Dr. Carey to get the full history of Lori’s care at UNC and to decide on the next treatment). Eribulin is known to have few side effects, and patients generally do very well on this drug. Hair thinning may occur but nausea is very unlikely. It is administered on a 21-day cycle with infusions on days one and eight. Today was day one.

The infusion lasts only five minutes! That’s awesome compared to the 2-3 hour pre-med and chemo infusions she received in the past. That should make our days a lot shorter, and we’ll take every little bit we can.

We love being back near the motherland too! No I’m not referring to IN and IL. It’s a great time to be from KY! We’re going to a UK basketball game tomorrow night. Lori bought us tickets for Christmas, but something fell through with the seller. Fortunately he is well connected, and worked it out for the UK AD to leave us tickets at will-call. Those should be pretty good…we’ll find out tomorrow night where they are. We’ll also be getting back to together with some dear friends from Wilmore, (Mark and Krissie) and those visits are always sweet.