Month: March 2015

Scan Results

Lori’s brain scans came back all clear!
As far as the second tumor, the biopsy results are still being worked but so far they’ve eliminated ER/PR as a type. Still waiting to find out whether or not it’s HER2 positive. Lori goes to Indy on Monday for another round of chemo, and we may hear then about the final test results.
Great news!

What’s the best thing about having cancer?

Answer: If you’re diagnosed a second time, you can just laugh it off.

We had a mixed bag of news today. Over the past couple of weeks, Lori has increasingly experienced more pain in her knees, femurs, lower back, shoulders and neck. She had been supplementing her pain pump with daily oral doses of morphine as well as the maximum daily allowable amounts of ibuprofen/Tylenol. Even then, she felt the pain through it all and had trouble sleeping each night. Continue reading

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