Month: December 2014

Change in Plans

Today, we met with Dr Carey again, and she recommended Lori for a small amount of radiation to the primary tumor. She is concerned that the tumor will begin to cause surface problems if it isn’t reduced in size quickly. For reference, the tumor measured 7cm x 5cm last time they checked, and today it was 12cm x 9cm. The nice thing about UNC’s method of care is that there is an entire team of specialists all required to be present every time Lori sees her oncologist. Continue reading

November – December Update

Since my last update, Lori has continued to receive once-a-month Doxil infusions at the UNC Cancer Clinic. Scans had shown progress with the reduced tumor size, and she experienced very few side-effects. However, over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed considerable growth in the tumor. At her latest checkup, Dr. Carey was concerned but needed further testing to see what was happening. Continue reading

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