Lori went to Indy today and completed all of her scans. She had a CAT scan of her chest and abdomen as well as a full-body bone scan. The results won’t be ready for a couple of days, and we probably won’t hear about them until Monday morning when we visit with Dr. S again. We’re praying for good news (neutral development would be considered good news), and we’ll likely start the next round of chemo the same day.

I’ll be returning to Indiana this weekend, and our long-term status in Indiana is still being worked out. For now, I’ll continue to rotate between Lafayette and home in NC.

Lori was able to visit with some old friends this past week, and she also traveled to Illinois for a few days to stay with her side of the family. The Mother’s Day weekend was really nice for her too. Overall, she’s still strong despite the extended time on chemo. Things are beginning to fall into a nice routine which we can hopefully sustain long-term.
We’ll post the results of the scans this Monday.