Olaparib Fail

Well, we were all excited about the new drug. This was the first PARP inhibitor that she qualified for, but unfortunately we’ve already thrown it out (Not literally…each month’s supply costs $14K!). Over the past week, the spots on Lori’s head have increased in number. She found three new spots this week alone, and there have been a few spikes in pain as well. She saw Dr. S today, and he confirmed that it looks like Olaparib won’t work for her. So, he changed her back to a chemo: Xeloda. This one is pill form, so it’s nice she won’t have to sit in an infusion chair every week. The side effects are fairly tame as well. She should be able to keep her unbelievable streak alive of not losing her hair! Seriously, she might break some kind of record. I shaved my head in “solidarity” like a year and a half ago. She never lost her hair!


  1. I hope god heals you.. Please look into treatments at the BioMedical Clinic in Mexico.. Just google it.. It’s not super expensive & has been saving lives.. Bless you & your family on your journey and I admire your faith & strength.

  2. Becky Horton Hears a Who

    January 6, 2016 at 9:18 PM

    Lori, Keep on chugging! You are definitely the little train that could! Love, prayers and peace to you all. Miss you much!

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