I forgot to post about the PET scan results from last week. We met with Dr. M, and there weren’t any surprises either positively or negatively. The problem is that we don’t have any previous PETs to compare this one to, so this is a new baseline.

We did learn that her liver is a bit smaller than average now, and the edges of it appear bumpy on the images (should normally be smooth). There were also no obvious “glowing” spots on the liver images which would normally indicate a tumor. This likely means that the cancer cells spread out within many parts of her liver vice gathering and forming a tumor. Is that better or worse? We don’t know. Lori asked, but we didn’t get a very clear answer. Our doctor just seems satisfied that she’s clearly getting a very positive response from the Cisplatin chemo, so we’ll continue that therapy for now.

Bottom line: we didn’t learn much at all from the PET scans.

She’ll skip her chemo infusion this week in order to feel strong for this weekend’s birthday celebration. She would have begun her 3rd round of Cisplatin/Gimzar this Thursday, but we delayed it until next Thursday. Her birthday is July 13th, but we’re having her party in Lafayette on the 11th.

We would love for everyone who can make it to come out for the party on Saturday night at my parent’s house. You can still RSVP here: