I haven’t needed to update these care pages in nearly two months, and we’re happy about that! “No news is good news” still holds true. Yesterday, Lori had a brain MRI and body CT scans accomplished. The MRI results haven’t been read yet, but the CT scans came back showing improvement everywhere. Her liver is clearing up, and her chest is totally clear. The bones haven’t shown any progression of disease either. We expect to hear that her brain is clear as well! From the outside, her breast tumor is very small now. I don’t typically prefer small breasts but I have to admit I’m loving her new size. Wink.

Last month, I was out of town with work for three weeks, and Lori traveled with the kids splitting time staying with our families in Indiana and Illinois. During that time, she transitioned back to Dr. Schneider at IU for continuation of care. I couldn’t make the appointments because I was away, but Lori had a great reunion with Dr S, and he was delighted to see Lori again too. He coordinated with Dr M to make sure her treatment was consistent. Dr S prescribed the same Cisplatin chemo but Lori ended up skipping that infusion because her blood work showed low cell counts. That same thing happened a couple months ago as well, and after she skipped that infusion, her body recovered well, and she was good-to-go for the next round at a later date. I expect it will be the same this time. Every once in a while, she just needs to skip an infusion to let her body recover.
Her day-to-day health overall has been great, but she does become tired early every night, and she sleeps hard (she used to be a very light sleeper). Generally, for 4-5 days following a chemo infusion, she also becomes nauseous typically vomiting for a couple of days and lacking in energy. Her next infusion is Sep 3 in Dayton.
Also, we’re excited to soon be launching a new web site to keep people updated on Lori’s story. I think it could be a great resource for people experiencing cancer or other similar struggles. It will give Lori a chance to minister through devotional posts, and I think it can also be a good source of practical advice for people who find themselves in a similar situation.

Finally, Lori has a bunch of vacation scheduled in the coming month. This week, she’ll be in D.C. touring all of the sights with her dad. Two weeks from now, we’re flying to San Blas, FL for her trip from the Karen Wellington Foundation. These are sweet days for us.