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In September, 2013, 6 months after the birth of my third child, I began to notice a small lump in my left breast not much higher than the nipple.  It felt just like a firm milk duct, and I assumed it was nothing more than that.  It was maybe nickel or quarter sized and felt like a soft marble.  It did not protrude to the surface so as to be noticed visually, but it was easy to feel.  At a checkup around that time with my primary care manager (PCM), I asked about it but they did also brushed it off as likely simply transitional hardening and softening  of the ducts as my breasts were constantly changing due to feedings.

The point is that it’s easy to overlook a tumor even if you are aware of the risk of breast cancer (heck even if you’re a trained professional!).  The timing for me was very unfortunate as it coincided with breast feeding between quick-turn pregnancies.  If in doubt, check it out!