Lori and I are just about to head out for another infusion appointment in Indy. This week, Lori has felt pretty good overall with the exception of one rib that hurts more than the others. Even through the morphine (she uses a slow release morphine now instead of the hydrocodon)she feels that rib hurting. She suspects it may be broken or cracked, so we’re going to ask about that today. She heard it pop the other day when she was leaning down to pick something up. It’s very possible that it was just very frail and it now may have a small fracture or something. Other than that, she’s doing very well. Hair is thinning more and more, but it isn’t falling out in clumps as it does for many chemo patients.

Next Monday is her third infusion in this second series. The following week, 13 May, she will have a full body checkup including another MRI, bone scans, CT scans where needed, blood tests, and vital organ check. Begin praying now that the vital organs remain clear!!

I’ll be in NC again driving home 6 May and driving back to IN 16 May. I’ll likely be putting the house up for sale by owner. We’ll stay in this pattern for a while most likely.

As for the second opinion, I talked to the POC at the SOCOM Care Coalition who is the liaison to MDA. She said MDA will not do a consult with me until Lori is an official patient at MDA. However, they will likely do an oncologist to oncologist consult at her request. So, I’m trying to set up an appointment with Dr. S for him to share Lori’s info with an MDA oncologist. MDA can then pass recommendations along to Lori through Dr. S. This should be adequate for now, but if this doesn’t satisfy us, we may take a trip to Houston sometime in the next couple of months to get her patient status at MDA. It all depends on how that consult goes.

That’s it for now; her appointment today is at 1:30. Next week it’s at 12:30.