Tomorrow, Lori and I are hopping on a plane from Indy to Boston. We’ll stay two nights. Wednesday morning, we meet with a Dana Farber oncologist for a consult concerning the direction of Lori’s care. We feel good that this visit will provide some added fidelity concerning Lori’s treatment plan.

Lori is doing very well day-to-day. The pain pump is working brilliantly. She occasionally needs an extra bolus of pain reliever, but that is rare, and she is getting along well with the small doses of dilaudid.

Yesterday three times and again tonight, we had the privilege of speaking at Dayton United Methodist Church to the congregations. Lori is incredible at describing the joy she feels through suffering. I have it recorded. It’s really something.

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us, and if Lori starts a new chemo this Friday as expected, then we will see how she reacts, and if her side effects are manageable, we plan to travel back to NC as a family in August. We haven’t committed to that yet, but we hope to be able to return with the three kids and live together at home almost like normal. We still have some tricky logistical pieces to figure out though, and we need to see what the new treatment plan will allow. I’ll just keep running the OODA loop until it’s all clear (wink to AF guys).

I’ll try to update the care page again Wednesday night after we talk to the oncologist (Harold Burstein) there.