Pain control! Or lack of control…is what we’ve been focused on lately. The pain problem has persisted despite another increase in the pump’s dilauded output. Some days/nights it’s her back, others it is her arms and legs. Yesterday, Lori went to the ER to get some kind of relief. She had tried morphine pills, but they didn’t even begin to help. The ER doc gave her a shot of some extra strength Motrin-like medicine, and it immediately helped alleviate the bulk of the pain. Her left arm however, was still really hurting. The lymph nodes seem to be the culprit. There are many which are growing, and the one under her left arm is particularly large. She is having very rough nights with little sleep and then little relief during the day. She needs you to pray for her right now!

Regular life is also getting in the way of course. We found mold in many walls of our house so now we’re moving out until we can get it fixed. I’m in NC for the week finishing up out-processing. I’ll be on leave for a few days next week to be back in Dayton to help her cope but then I’ll go one final time to NC to meet the movers who will be picking up our household goods. It will be nice to have our stuff (after we fix the mold issue). The boys are with my parents in Lafayette. Clair stayed in Dayton with Lori so she doesn’t miss any more days of school. Having the young ones with the grandparents will take a big load off Lori’s shoulders for the rest of the week.