I’ll be brief because I’m in the ER triage with Lori. On the way to my parent’s house today following her appointments in Indy, Lori began feeling very hard and sharp pains in her arms, thighs, and lower back. We drove the last 15 minutes home and she was wrestling quite a bit with the pain. I noticed it wasn’t routine. After a few more minutes, her groans began to remind me of her labor pains so clearly it was pretty bad. Once home, we helped her inside, but she couldn’t walk on her own. she took a big pain reliever cocktail of pills and we wAited for them to take effect. They helped but not enough. Her heart rate was high (140…it had been all day), and her temp spiked to 100.4 . Dad and k drove her in a makeshift van ambulance to the IU Arnett ER, and we’re here now. She’s stable and her temp has fallen. Heart rate is 137 but I expect that will drop too soon. Awaiting Dr and probably going to be admitted id bet. She speaks almost nothing but nonsense. It would normally be hilarious (think David at the dentist) but of course we’re just trying to get some genuine communication out of her.

Her only breakthrough focus is on prayer. She asked me so many times at the house to call specific prayer warriors to get up and start praying, she keeps coming back to that. I just can’t believe how amazing she is. She is genuine.

I think she’ll be ok after this. There doesn’t seem to be anything immediately life-threatening happening, but things are not improving to say the least.

The trial drug is also a no-go because they found some very small bits of cancer on her brain last week. She’s being set up for radiation on those spots perhaps next week depending on how she feels. Then a chemo follow-on. I like the plan. Cool brain stuff that I won’t explain now. Google ‘gamma knife’.

Finally, I just talked to her again. Said I was updating the care pages. No response. I said, “hey you’ve been asking me to pray a lot tonight, huh?” She nodded and gave a cheerful “mm hmm” (kind of sassy as if to say ‘yeah of course’). She then said “prayer works. Things happen when you pray”