Today basically went exactly as planned. She was discharged early and we left just after 1000. Lori’s brother and I drove her in our makeshift “vanbulance” to Indianapolis for the appointment. Dr Miller seemed like a good guy, and he was on board for doing the gamma knife procedure. We showed up an hour early for the appointment, and we got in and out quickly. In fact, we were on our way back to Lafayette by the time our original appointment time arrived. I filled her prescriptions after much buffoonery by CVS, and we rested at my parent’s house all afternoon. She has taken her Oxycontin regularly every morning/evening at 0900 and 2100. However, her last morphine was at 1240 today, and she hasn’t needed another dose since. It would be amazing if she could make it through the night without needing the morphine supplement. When she has to double up on the Oxy and Morphine, her mind exits stage left, and she gets frustrated at times by her inability to focus.

Plans for next week are still in flux, but her brain procedure is set for 0730 on Wednesday and I’m going to set up an appointment with Dr S on Thursday to hopefully begin a new round of chemo.