No real big updates today, but we did get moved to the hematology/oncology wing late tonight. It’s very nice, and I’m glad the oncology team rescued us from the sixth floor of doom.

The liver guy never showed up. I’m not sure he even exists at all. Tomorrow, I expect to have a plan from the oncology team. We meet with Schneider at 0730 tomorrow morning.

Today, Lori received some flowers from some good friends from Wilmore, KY. She loved them, and when she was hurting tonight, she asked me to set them at the end of her bed on a table (an inverted trash can but what can you do when you live in the galley?). I set them up, and she fell asleep. When she woke up, she immediately commented on how beautiful the flowers looked.

Fourteen months ago in March 2014, Lori had her first brain MRI following her diagnosis. She was naturally emotional, and as she was entering the machine, she saw a picture mounted on the wall of flowers in a vase. The Lord gave her a vision, and she shared it with me that night. It’s kind of a personal message, but it had to do with God displaying His love just like the flowers in a vase. She saw herself as the vase and the flowers as God’s goodness on display through her. The vase may break, but the flowers can easily be transferred to another vase without losing their life. The analogy might be flawed, but it wasn’t an analogy. It was a vision, and she tells it better than I do.

I was going to ask everyone to help me fill her room with flowers tomorrow, but as I carried her bouquet down to the new room, I was stopped by a nurse who informed me that real flowers aren’t allowed in this area due to some patient’s restrictions. So please don’t try to send flowers! Not real flowers anyhow.

We aren’t taking visitors tomorrow because she needs to rest, and her pain increased tonight to include a pretty bad headache. The headache worries us because we know about the brain metastases, and wonder if it could be related. She’s sleeping well right now, and we have a bunch of pain medicine options left if she struggles at all.