Well, I spoke a little too soon last night. No more than 15 minutes after I posted the last update, Lori started having pains. By midnight, she was having very bad pains rated 8 in her arms. We discussed medication options and eventually just loaded her up with a couple good ones and she finally experienced some relief at around 0230.

Today, the pain Dr visited again and he again doubled the output of her pump. I was gone to Dayton until this evening, but her mom and aunt and uncle were here, and they said she had a good day. Lots of sleeping and pain never rated higher than around a 3. The nurse also got me all caught up when I returned, and she was very pleased with how it all went. We’ve decided not to skip anymore oxy pills for a while. They don’t make her too loopy, and it’s worth it for the added protection. Letting the pain break through is just the worst.
The plan is still to be discharged by Friday hopefully early in the morning. The Drs are pleased with all of her vitals and they feel the systemic infection is all gone now due to the anitbiotics. Their only concern is with her still high heart rate, but as soon as a cardiologist gives his blessing, we should be good to go. Again, I’m still expecting Friday to be that day.