We are hoping to be discharged from IU arnett hospital in Lafayette, IN tomorrow afternoon. If we are discharged as expected, we’ll move to my parent’s house in NE Lafayette until we can get an appointment to IU cancer Center in Indianapolis. We have some excellent family ties to that cancer clinic, and those connections have put us in contact with an outstanding oncologist in the breast cancer field. We are expecting to get that appointment Tuesday at the earliest and Wednesday at the latest.

We’ve haven’t actually received the official breast cancer diagnosis because we are awaiting the results of a biopsy but this is not just a suspicion. Drs are 99% sure and simply awaiting biopsy results to confirm that the cancer originated in the breast.

Lori is feeling very good today, there was quite a lot if physical pain in her back which brought us to the ER last Wednesday. The meds have worked to control the pain and suppress the high calcium levels in her blood which had been causing vomiting, nausea, severe back pain.

She is in very high spirits. I Have have words within me which could begin to describe the emotions we have experienced, but I haven’t yet decided which if those we’ll make public. I will say briefly that the moments are very deep. They are raw and pure and real.
The Lord is our strength and our song. He will be glorified through this