Tonight, Lori had all of her IVs removed and she rested very comfortably using only oral pain relievers. Potassium was low due to the fluid flushing of the hydration IVs, and unfortunately, the latest tests revealed that those levels are still a bit low. So, she had to have the IV re-installed to get some more potassium flowing.

She will be getting a full body bone scan. It should reveal how much the cancer has spread among the bones. We already know about the ribs and the spine (both upper and lower lumbar), and we can see that there is some around her femur(s), but we don’t know the full extent nor how deeply it has penetrated those bones. Following the full body scan, they will analyze the results and hone in on the effected areas and get detailed x-rays. If her femurs are stable, they will likely discharge us with the pain meds to rest at home.
We also hope to receive the results of the biopsy tomorrow. The sooner we get the biopsy report, the sooner we can firm up that appointment at IU Indianapolis Cancer Center to determine a treatment plan.

I want to share two things with you which may provide you some comfort.

1. Lori is not afraid. I could tell you how I know this to be true, but I’ll save that for another day. I even doubted it at first and was worried that fear would terrorize her. I know this is true though…she is NOT afraid and I find great comfort in that.
2. We have always had an “eternal” worldview. We have never concerned ourselves too much with the “things” of this world. They are only things. We consider even our own lives as not our own. In our marriage, we believe that God gave us to each other as a gift, but only for a finite amount of time. We have even taught this concept to our daughter as she has grown of age to understand it a bit. This seemed pertinent because my job involves high-risk flying procedures, and we knew it was possible that I could leave for a flight any night and not return ever again. We wanted our whole family to understand that the eternal hope is the one in which we put our trust.

Now, it is easy to say these things when you aren’t being tested in that belief. Lori and I are now among the privileged few who have had the opportunity to verify that we do actually believe what we say. It is real to us, and it is providing an incredible peace. There was some deep sorrow for the first 24 hours, but Lori and I are feeling a very calm peace now. If you visit us, please don’t confuse that peace for denial of the seriousness of this situation. We still feel sorrow about many things, and I know we will have many deep valleys ahead that we must endure, but there is a strength and peace that is in the forefront.

We love your messages. Thanks for walking alongside us in this adventure