Today, I spoke to a very close friend of mine on the phone. He called from overseas where he is deployed with many others from my community. He told me that they have been working 80 hour weeks sustained. When his commander heard about Lori (He does not know Lori or me), apparently he sent everyone home early in an effort to remind everyone to focus on those things which are truly most important.
I can assure you that their work at that deployed location is very important! I told that story to Lori and my family, and everyone feels very deeply blessed by it. If that commander reads this, we thank you.

Many friends have begged us for ways to be of help. First and foremost, you can do exactly what my buddy’s commander did. Work hard, but be sure to focus on those things which are truly most important in your life. After that, feel free to take the initiative to bless Lori in any way you see fit. I am not shying away from offered help. I’m delegating roles left and right. If you’re in my line-of-sight, odds are you will be tagged to do something. Please be patient, and expect that I will eventually use you to help us through what will hopefully be a long, hard fight against breast cancer. I’m not kidding; if I know you, expect that I will eventually ask you for a tangible way that you can help.