Dr. Schneider called tonight and told us that only some of the biopsy data has been processed. He didn’t specify what that data was. He asked us to meet him at 8:00 am tomorrow (Thursday) to start planning the way ahead based on what we have. His first patient appointment is at 8:45 am, so he is setting aside 8:00 for us out of his generosity. If we hadn’t had this connection, I’m sure we’d have had to wait until at least next Monday to see him.

Just FYI, we have been trying to make an appointment at Mayo Clinic just in case we want/need to go right to the best of the best, and the earliest we could get was 31 March. We went ahead and made that appointment because, well you never know. Hopefully, we’ll be very happy at the IU Cancer Clinic and we won’t have to seek another hospital.

Dr. S. did say that he believes he has enough information now to atleast begin some treatment. As the full results become available, we’ll firm up the rest of the details. I’m just relieved to know that he plans to start any treatment option at all. We were prepared to hear that there might not be any treatment options for her cancer.