Typing on cell. This will be very brief. News was as expected, and we are certain Dr S is perfect for us. Biopsy results not all in. They ruled out 1 of the 3 types of breast cancer (ER). The HER2 test is still pending. If it’s not HER2, then it defaults to being triple negative. Either way, the treatment begins the same way with Taxol chemotherapy. She starts that on Monday. Avg life span of a person in her condition is 3 years but we already knew that her time belongs to God no matter how long that is.

The news about 3 years does not change who she is or how she views her time and life. But it is heavy news and it could have been a worse prognosis certainly. We’ll be in Lafayette indefinitely, and I’m working with my commander on the long term plan. In the coming weeks, I’ll be leaning on the squadron for a lot of help.

Praise God we have you all!!

If you want to visit, Lori would LOVE to see you. However, you must call ahead and schedule with me or you risk not being able to visit. Family of course has priority but I even want family to ask before they arrive. I will guard her availability very strictly all in accordance with what Lori wants me to do. We love you all very much and hope you don’t take offense.