We really don’t have a lot of news since Thursday. We’re gearing up for Lori’s first day of chemotherapy on Monday at noon. A decision on long-term care options and living arrangements is yet to come. Those decisions depend on how she responds to treatment and whether or not the HER2 test is positive.

Lori feels very good day-to-day. Her spirits are still very high even though we’ve had quite a few tough moments. Every single aspect of our lives has changed, and every day we’re facing new challenges. Physically, she is also doing very well. Her pain medication is working like it should, and she is moving around the house with ease. She still doesn’t pick up kids, and she often takes long naps to stay rested.

Family for her is in Springfield, IL so they are able to visit every weekend. The family reunions are very meaningful. Next week, many of our very good friends from pilot training days are visiting on Tuesday and Wednesday. Lori is thrilled for that too; it’s nice to have these things to look forward to instead of dreading chemo sessions.

For now, we’re just very happy to have days with family and pain-free living.

For everyone who wants to visit, thank you for being so flexible and working into the schedule. The calendar is getting full of visitors for the next couple of weeks, and Lori loves it that way. Oh by they way, before you visit, you may want to work out your daddy issues, because she’s going to call you out if you don’t. Small talk doesn’t really fly anymore.

Also, my dad is beginning a construction project converting his large basement storage area into a big kid’s rooms (he had been planning to for a long time now), and Lori is excited to help out. I just have to figure out a way to stop her from swinging sledge hammers, framing walls, sweating pipe, running wires, etc. That could be my biggest challenge yet.