Things are going well over all. Lori is more tired than usual, but she is able to rest whenever she needs to rest, so that is good. Her pain is mild while the hydrocodon keeps on doing its thing. Other than soreness and some extra fatigue, she isn’t showing any other symptoms from the Taxol. We try to take a short walk every night just to keep her active, and she is typically able to accomplish that without too much trouble.

The final biopsy results came in, and the HER2 test came back negative. So, her type is Triple Negative. Her treatment will continue unchanged for the next couple of weeks. Her next chemo appointment is Monday morning at 0900. We are thrilled for the opportunity to knock out a few more puzzles! ha

This past week, many of Lori’s very best friends from the past 10 years of Air Force life, stopped by to visit. It was an incredible time for everyone to meet again, share stories, support one another, and just be happy together. This weekend, all of Lori’s immediate family (the Bakers) are here, and that is a great comfort as well.

Travis’ fund site for Lori is just incredible. It is very humbling to see how many people are able/willing to donate to help her. If we need to travel for clinical trials later in her treatment, that money will be very important. I plan to write about the specific ways that we spend money from that fund so you all can see the results of your generosity. Also, you may have noticed the pictures on facebook with Lori’s friends wearing the “Team Lori” T-Shirts. Many people have asked how to buy one, and we currently don’t have that worked out, but a friend is taking that on, and we’ll soon have a way for you to order one. I’ll try to post that information on this blog when it’s ready.

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement.