Lori’s second appointment went well. Her brother and sister-in-law were in town visiting, and they drove to Indy with us Monday morning. On the following Tuesday and most of Wednesday, Lori felt great due in large part to the steroids, I assume. Today, the steroids will have run their course, so I’m interested to see how she will feel. This morning very early, she was awake with some pain in her ribs, but she slept well overall.

Next week, I’ll be flying to our home in NC from 8-20 Apr to catch up on some Air Force work, fix up the house, and sit down with some Drs and TriCare reps to discuss options. Our biggest long-term decision points are approaching, and I’m feeling a little impatient to get moving forward. I need wisdom to make the right choices, and there are many far-reaching effects that will result from those decisions.
Many friends and family members have offered advice and alternative treatment options, and I’m grateful for that. I’m not rejecting anything at this point, and it’s good to have the help. I’m looking into genomic mapping and a second opinion option right now. We’re still happy with our Dr. at IU, but a second opinion will provide some solid peace of mind. The genome tests may provide more clarity on her type of cancer which could help identify a less toxic treatment option.

STOL guys and CL peeps, if you’re around 8-20 Apr, I could certainly use some help at the house. I’ll work with Liz and I’ll probably use Lori’s Facebook to advertise specific needs.

Thanks for all of your support and prayer.