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Over the night, Lori had a big pain increase.  She described it as “deep bone pain” and didn’t bother to elaborate any more than that.  She told the nurse she wanted Valium which is a significant thing for us because Valium is kind of the big knockout punch of pain meds for her.  It worked though, and she was able to rest and sleep.  She also experienced a little bit of trouble getting deep breaths which meant the fluid was already back.  They did an x-ray this morning to see, and sure enough the fluid was there again.  So, Dr C (the interventional radiologist) signed her up for another round of draining and a catheter placement.  They just finished with that procedure, and she is resting back in the room now.  They got another 1700 cc’s from her chest.  Sheesh.  Should be easily managed from here on out with the catheters.  Staying in the hospital at least one more night.

Her nurse was so good today.  Sort of like Kiley and Nona from IU.  She’s just perfectly cut out to do care-taking.  Everyone who works with Lori has been really great actually.  They are very loving, and it’s nice to be here.

Also, no kidding the food from the cafeteria is amazing.  I love their salmon.


  1. Mark, how do u always make me laugh in the midst of my heart aching for my dear friend in pain?! I love it. Your salmon line was classic. You are both rock stars and I’m thankful she’s getting such great care. Prayers continue!!

  2. Not happy at all to hear about Lori’s pain. Very happy to hear you are eating well . Thank you for the update

  3. Carley Rencher Chen

    February 2, 2016 at 6:06 PM

    Mark and Lori,

    Glad the salmon is good- it’s the little things! The whole of the bay area ( as well as all the Super Bowl fans out here- about a million!) are all rooting for your Lori! Sending thoughts and hope the procedure for the chest catheter goes well. Much Love, Carley and Jia

  4. I agree with Sara yes Mark you always somehow make me laugh! Glad the food is good and so thankful the care is so good. Lots of prayers from California. THANK YOU for taking time to update us all!! Love you both!

  5. Praying every day for comfort and strength for your family.

  6. Praying for a restful night tonight without pain. Thanks for the update and enjoy the salmon, Mark. ?

  7. Praying for you all. Again, please let us know what we can do to help.

  8. Thanks for the update. Much love to y’all! Love that you are keeping your sense of humor. I’m so sorry Lori is experiencing such pain.

  9. Mark, thank you for keeping up updated. Please know that love and prayers are continuing to come your way from Asbury.

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