Decent Night of Rest

She rested fairly well last night, but when awake, she complained of knee pain and sometimes some back pain.  The meds are keeping her very sedated.  Answers to questions come rarely, are always delayed, and are usually inaccurate.  It’s nice that she’s able to rest though.  The doc this morning was worried that her liver or kidneys aren’t filtering the opioids and that they are dwelling longer and causing such extreme drowsiness.  They did some blood work and found that her ammonia levels were very high.  It was over 1100 and I think normal levels are around 350.  So, they are giving her lactulose which should control those ammonia levels and should also help her have a much needed bowel movement.  We’ll be in the hospital at least another 24 hours.

This morning, I helped the nurse hook up the catheter to the drain bottle (it was kinda fun), and we extracted 1100 cc’s (just over 1 liter).  There was more to drain, but the nurse wanted to stop at that level until radiology OK’d more.  As I was typing that last sentence, I got a text back from Dr C who OK’d us to drain up to 1500.  I’m going to start scheduling it for just before bedtime so she can sleep comfortably all night.  We’ll likely drain each morning after sleep as well.

Well, my UK basketball analogy couldn’t have backfired any more, eh?!!  Classic me.  Maybe I should go out and get a 2016 National Championship tattoo like that one guy in 2014. lol right?  Hope springs eternal in the human breast! and I just can’t help but remain optimistic regardless.  It is both my blessing and my curse.

Oh, and I need to vent about hospitalists one more time.  I just can’t help it.  They are simply not good at treating cancer patients.  I want to gather them all up and teach breastcancer101.  While I’m at it, we’ll cover resettingIVmachines101, and callthehusband’scellphonelike thenotesayswhenhe’snotintheroomandyouneedinformationaboutthedruggeduppatient101.    I shouldn’t complain though because this hospital really is doing a great job for us!   Actually, the hospitalists have also been great.  I just like to vent a little sometimes.  Pics this time!

IR Other GUY

Guys at IR really love Lori

IR Phil

Phil from IR checking on Lori


Dr C on 26 Jan before draining abdomen and chest


Dr C’s signature


Dr Jones getting his draining skills on.


Stunning just before surgery on the 29 Jan


Baller move by my boys when the bath water wasn’t warm yet.


  1. You did it again! Last pic… Priceless. She is soooooo beautiful … like seriously ALL the time! Today I’m gonna have surgery… Looking beautiful? Check! I had no sleep last night… Looking beautiful? Check! I have lots of pain and am on major drugs… Looking beautiful? Check! I haven’t gone poopy in awhile… Looking beautiful?? Check!! She amazes me! Of course I absolutely LOVE the inclusion of photos on this update. Nicely done Mark Jones. Miss you guys and I desperately wish I lived closer to help w kids, bring a meal, visit at hospital… SOMETHING! Thankful for the great people that are surrounding you. Prayers for those ammonia levels and pain.

  2. What Sara said!!! ?❤️??

  3. Mark,

    You could skip the first few years of med school. Lori is so lucky to have you.

  4. I’ve never been disappointed to see TN win until last night. What a bummer! Thanks for the update Mark and LOVE seeing the pictures!!!! Kisses to my Jesus Nugget, pretty please. ?

  5. She’s looked beautiful every step of the way! Electronic Hugs & Prayers sent!

  6. Looking beautiful as always! I miss that face! Lori, you truly are a beautiful human being! Inside and out! And your boys are getting so big!

  7. Mark love all the pics thanks for the update! Lori is blessed to have you making sure her care is taken care of and yes I agree you are on your way to becoming a Doctor! Lori you look stunning despite it all and we are all praying for you!!! Love you both!

  8. Praying and thankful for how the Lord continues to bring peace and you two close together during this season. I pray for your children often and continue to pray for Lori’s healing.

  9. In the midst of your pain, you still encourage me Lori Jones. I love you so very much and am one of hundreds that are praying. xoxoxox

  10. Ditto what Sara said!

  11. Mark you vent all you want. We are here for you. You are both so amazing & so relentless in doing Gods work in every instant of your lives. Thank you, love you SOooooooo much.

  12. Prayers are always going up, our, around and everywhere. Beautiful both inside and out.

  13. Thank you for the updates. Prayers for my friend. She is beautiful inside and out, always.

  14. Always so good to read these updates! I second what everyone else said…of course everyone loves Lori at the hospital, her warmth and compassion and love is contagious! And you both have such optimism and humor, despite the circumstances and that’s half the battle. So often stress and depression negatively impact people dealing with illness, but in Lori’s case, your attitudes, faith and trust keep her so strong. The boys are hysterical and it’s good to laugh at their antics in the midst of all of this! Hugs to sweet Lori and I hope you get to go home to those silly boys and sweet girl soon!!

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