Pleural Effusion

We’re back in the ER tonight in Dayton as Lori’s chest pressure increased to the point that she couldn’t breathe if she reclined even just at a small angle.  This made sleep nearly impossible, and although we thought she could wait until Monday’s appointments to get it checked out, it became clear that she needed to be in the hospital.  This issue had been a growing problem throughout the course of the weekend, and we had already decided to cancel the trip to Indy to see Dr. S.   It seemed more pressing to get the chest pressure relieved and that meant seeing the docs in Dayton to get it ordered.  Unfortunately, when she had the catheter installed last Friday, they didn’t treat the chest area.  I’m not sure how that got overlooked, but it’s causing trouble now.

They are admitting her tonight so she’s ready to have another thoracentesis tomorrow.  That means tonight will be kinda miserable.  She can’t sleep even slightly reclined for more than a few minutes before she has to sit up in bed to acquire a solid breath.

I have pictures of her X-Rays.  The picture on the right is of her lungs on 26 Jan after the fluid was drained (so what the lungs should look like when clear of fluid).  The left picture is of her X-Rays from tonight.  You can see on tonight’s X-Rays that her right lung (the one on the picture’s left) is heavily surrounded by fluid.  It appears white and kind of hazy/cloudy on the image.  The doc says it looks like there is more fluid built up now than there was prior to the draining last week.  Last week, they drained 1200 cc’s from around the right lung.  We’ll see what it is this time.  Hopefully they can do this early today.


On the plus side, her platelets were much higher at 70K and her hemoglobin was way up too.


  1. Praying for God’s hand of protection and for rest. You guys have been such pillars of light of the Hope you have in Christ. His mercies are new every morning!

  2. Praying–love u guys

  3. Praying for His peace that surpasses all understanding and His strength.

  4. Praying for you dear Lori that you get some much needed relief today! And that God’s peace would surround and sustain you both!

  5. Sweet Lori and Mark… I just woke up and read this and I’m praying that somehow you both got a bit of rest last night. I’m praying today for her relief and that they can come up with a solution to help keep her lungs free of fluid. Thank you, as always, for these updates Mark.

  6. Hugs, prayers, thoughts, love and everything else I can possibly think to send….
    Love to the J5 from the J4

  7. Mark thanks for update I’ve been thinking and praying for you all night and morning. Praying for today that all the fluid can be drained and Lori (and you) can get much needed rest.

  8. I’m hoping you got a little sleep, and that there is relief by now!! As always, keeping you guys in our prayers.

  9. Mommy love you so much and hope the cancer goes away soon Ammaw and me are praying for you

    • Mark Jones

      February 1, 2016 at 1:40 PM

      Wow. Claire, you are too proficient at the internet! What a sweetheart. We love you too. I love your texts as well! And your bike riding has been superb lately btw.

  10. Always praying for all of you. God please give Lori relief from pain, from fluid build up. We pray for complete healing.

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